Review + Ratings Policy

I love nothing more than discovering new awesome authors. I am more than happy to consider review requests although I may not accept them all. I reserve the right to decline a review request.

I prefer books to be provided in Kindle format, but will consider other formats if necessary. Genres I am interested in:

  • Fantasy (especially urban fantasy and that inspired from folklore)
  • Horror
  • Science Fiction
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Thrillers and Mystery
  • Young Adult
  • Graphic Novels and Comics

I would be open to most other genres as long as the story is strong enough. I particularly enjoy stories with a diverse cast (sexuality, gender, mental health, ability, race etc).

As an asexual being, I am not interested in romance or erotica. I can handle a romantic aspect as long as it isn’t too consuming of the story. I have some minor short term memory issues and so I do struggle with a large cast of characters, or books over 350 pages. This means I am unlikely to enjoy those stories, at no fault of the story, and so I tend to just steer clear of them.

Any review given will always be free of charge, but will reflect my honest opinions. I work on the premise that my reviews are purely my opinion based on my reading experience. I write my reviews for readers, not for the author or publisher.

My Ratings
I used to do star ratings, but recently switched to a Recommended or Not Recommended system on the blog. Occasionally I will award a book a Golden Pip. Golden Pips, naturally, are reserved for the best of the best.

You can contact me via email at or using the contact page.