Ten Lords A Leaping Tag

Yo nerds! Look at this. A tag. A tag created by the Sarah. Thank you, the Sarah, for not only creating this tag, but also for tagging me. You are better than cream coloured ponies and crisp apple strudels.

Before we get going, Hey! You know how book subscription boxes are awesome and you deffo want to try a new one?! Well, I know of just the one for you. The Sarah, in addition to creating awesome tags, also recently started her own book subscription box business, Book Hooked Box. If you like luxury chocolates, candles, and other book goodies, as well as books, then this may be the box for you. Check it out, innit m8.

I didn’t even get paid for that. Hey ho! Let’s go!

All book covers link to the book’s Goodreads page. You’re welcome.

A book that is full of surprises

I went into this a little blind, and was pleasantly surprised by all the wacky adventures that take place. There is no way of predicting where this story is going to go next, and the constant twists and turns were great.

Your favourite book full of cute kisses

So kissing is weird. Kissing is repulsive. It fascinates me how people won’t cup share with someone, but they will suck on a face. Why is it that germs are disgusting and something to be avoided, until someone is designated as your significant other, and then their germs are no longer harmful or gross?! That’s weird. I’ll never understand it. Anyway, this gem of a book has ‘cute’ kissing in it, I s’pose. I wouldn’t know. It’s weird.

A book that leaves an icy chill

Tehehehehe. D’ya geddit?! D’ya see what I did there?! It’s a book all about ice. Bahahaha. Oh, LOL! LMAO! ROFL! It’s a kneeslapper.

A book with all the yummy food

I’m a veggie, so I changed the title. The world is dying, people. Stop eating meat. Also, if you go veggie, you get to walk around with a smug grin and a sense of self-righteousness. It’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, Ocean is my all time favourite book (maybe) and it’s full of tasty food! The food is a big reason as to why I love it so much.

A book that ends with a BANG!

It literally ends with a big explosion that send him back into space. Spoilers.

A book with a magical setting or scenery

I want to visit candyland. The sky is sugar! Everything is made of candy and cookies and OH MY GODS!

A book that you loathe

Ew! It sucks. I FUCKING HATE IT!

A book that keeps on giving

I’ll be honest with you, I ain’t 100% sure what this one means. I’ve taken it as being a book that I can read multiple times and enjoy every time. I’ve read Skellig many times and it’s a book that always gives me a few hours of happiness.

A book that you were sad was over

Hey you did a good job of looking surprised just then. I see you have been practicing your ‘look shocked when Stark puts a Rebecca Gransden book on his lists’ face. But genuinely, I was sad when this book ended. It could have been 600 pages longer and it would not have been enough.

Your favourite books of the year

I have given out just 4 Golden Pips so far this year.

And a couple of honourable mentions that were given 4 or 5 stars that I really enjoyed.

I Tag the Usual Crew
The Alexandra
The IgnitedMoth
The John
The Liz
The Matilda
The Nicki
The Norrie

There we have it. I did the thing, even though I don’t celebrate Christmas. I tried to choose a few books that I haven’t used in lists before. Hopefully you see something you enjoy amongst these.

Anyway, I’m off to worship my Pagan gods. Until next time, Peace and Love!

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