Stark’s Quick Thoughts: Esoteric Sausage and Other Malformations by Justin A. Burnett

Title Esoteric Sausage and Other Malformations
Author Justin A. Burnett
Genre Short Stories, Bizarro, Horror
Format Kindle Edition
Page Length 78
Publication Date 02 Jun 2018
Publisher Silent Motorist Media & NihilismRevised
Read Date Dec 2018
Recommended Yes

A warped collection of bizarre, darkly humorous, and downright insane stories that range from strange product recalls, nightmares of a sleazy psychoanalyst, and hellish westerns. Esoteric Sausage truly works your mind for all it’s worth. This bastardization of a book is sure to beat you senseless with the utterly weird and addictively wonderful. Justin A. Burnett puts one solid foot forward with this DEBUT breakneck collection of genre-hopping stories, all of which promise the reader a glimpse into strange worlds and characters. You are certain to depart from this unique reading experience beaten and bruised by one of literature’s freshest voices. Dive in for the laughs, lavish lusts, and episodes of supreme psychosis–stay for the magnificent MALFORMATIONS!

The Emergency SpaghettiOs Recall – ★★★
The Gyres – ★★★★★
m.Other – ★★★★★
Crowbar – ★★★★
Rats – ★★★★
Esoteric Sausage – ★★★

Well, this is bloody marvellous. I didn’t really find any of the stories scary or too horrific, but they were all rather entertaining. The Gyres and m.Other blew me away. They are technical masterpieces. Throughout, Burnett uses descriptive language with great skill and execution, creating the perfect atmosphere for each story. This kept the collection as a whole very fresh. I never got the chance to settle into a comfortable pattern or style – which is a positive for a collection like this. A solid 6 short stories that could work either being binged, or read spread out between other reads.

Anyway, I’m off to listen to some Radiohead because I’M SO OLD! Until next time, Peace and Love!

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