Stark’s Quick Thoughts: Bonespin Slipspace by Leo X. Robertson

Title Bonespin Slipspace
Author Leo X. Robertson
Genre Horror
Format Kindle Edition
Page Length 74
Publication Date 01 Nov 2017
Publisher Unnerving
Read Date Dec 2018
Recommended Yes

In Bonespin Slipspace, all is not what it seems. Rudy and Tammy may have made the biggest mistake of their lives by accepting an invitation to Blackburn’s manor to party with the depraved Manorites. Head-games, ghoulish hallucinations, and disturbing memories lurk around every corner of the psychic and physical labyrinth that is The Manor Experience. Rudy and Tammy may never get out alive, but, in Blackburn’s world, even death may no longer offer the familiar escape. Give Rimbaud an x-ray machine. Tie up and gag Baudelaire. Introduce Poe to bondage. Do you dare enter the realm of Bonespin Slipspace?

I have quickly become a fan of Leo’s work. Granted, I have only read one other book of his (Jesus of Scumburg) and a couple of other shorts published here and there, but I bloody love them, I do. I also respect what he is doing with his podcast, Losing the Plot, which is well worth a listen to by writers and all those interested in such things.

Bonespin Slipspace is truly terrifying. You know how sometimes explicit thoughts can be a little forbidden or taboo, well Leo takes that feeling and turns it up to 11. No, scrap that, he turns it up to 111! Yea, it’s not for children, or those easily offended by obscenity. It’s full of sex, BDSM, horror, gore, vomit inducing acts, and worst of all… WITCHES! I thought it was great!

It wasn’t perfect for me – just a couple of personal preference things. I found some parts difficult to follow as the text doesn’t always flow well, and sometimes a few things felt like they were done for shock value. This is a shorter story and I felt it would have benefited from being a little longer, with more dynamics in the story. The story is relatively gentle to start with, then shit kicks off, and then it settles down again. Having some moments to breathe between shitstorms would have helped give the punches a bit more weight. The ending is superb. It’s slightly mysterious, weird, and thought provoking. Although this has a lot of gore and somewhat senseless violence, it’s also a very intelligent story, and Leo blends the two together very well.

Leo’s creative writing and descriptions are second to none. There are a couple of batshit crazy moments with heavy surreal hallucinations and Leo does a fantastic job of painting these scenes. As I have found with other stories by Leo, Bonespin became the most enjoyable when I just went with it. It’s so far away from my everyday thoughts that if I thought about it too much, it didn’t work. The horror in this is just fantastic. Gore and slasher horror isn’t normally for me, but there were moments where I really felt the terror of the POV character and was screaming for them to get out of there. As a short book, this is a super quick read and a strong shot of enjoyable horror.

Anyway, I’m off to attend a party that an estranged ex has invited me to out of the blue – should be fun! Until next time, Peace and Love!

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  1. Ah, this was my first read by Leo and I think I was quite… shocked into sticking with it 😀 hahaha, yeah, it’s a story and a half and deserves all the points for being so graphic, bold and visually successful!

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