Reader Interview: Jack CJ Stark

Gnome Appreciation Society

Hello everybody, I have another interview with a mighty book reader/reviewer/author, he has the physique of a Marvel superhero and the head of a supermarket watermelon, a proper round one, not one of those silly Japanese square melons, please welcome Jack CJ Stark, he who is not a square!

v5287XOoBefore we start, is there a back story we need to know about the melon?


Are you willing to share this backstory with us?

I like melons.

Q1: Here is the most important question to ever get asked of a fruit/man hybrid: Gnomes! Are they heroes or Villains? Also, what year do you think they will take over the world?

Aren’t we all just heroes and villains simultaneously? Yeah, that’s right, I answer a question with a question. You’re welcome. You know what they say, when somebody does something sometimes I like it and then they are my heroes but…

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