New Social Medias


Yo nerds! A very quick update to let you all know that I have made some changes to my social media accounts. My personal twitter is now on lockdown for… reasons. glances around the room.

This means Random Melon Reads now has its own twitter page @RanMelReads. This is dedicated to books and the such. So you can now follow all my book stuff without all the… other stuff. glances around the room.

_DSC7980And I also set up a Random Melon Reads Instagram account. Because all the cool kids have a good bookstagram. It’s also @ranmelreads because branding is very important! I’m still a bit shit at taking those kind of photos (the photography I used to do was somewhat different) but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon.

If you follow me on those new accounts I will love you forever. Also I will follow you back. Also also you get +1 cool point giving you a grand total of 1 cool points. Also also also, there is a chance I will buy you donuts. You never know unless you try. As they say, you should try everything at least once, except line dancing and incest.

Anyway, I’m off to scour the house for bookstagram props. Until next time, Peace and Love!


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