Review: Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda

Title Best Day Ever
Author Kaira Rouda
Genre Thriller
Format Kindle Edition
Page Length 384
Publication Date 07 Sep 2017
Publisher HQ
Read Date 21 Oct 2017
Rating 3.2926433 – Recommended

Paul Strom has spent years building his perfect life: glittering career, beautiful wife, two healthy boys and a big house in the suburbs.

But he also has his secrets. That’s why Paul has promised his wife a romantic weekend getaway. He proclaims this day, a warm Friday in May, will be the best day ever.

Paul loves his wife, really, he does. But he also wants to get rid of her. And with every hour that passes, Paul ticks off another stage in his elaborately laid plan…

Meet Paul, he’s truly an amazing individual. Do you know how I know this? Because he reminds us every other sentence. I’m not even joking! This novel is set over a 24 hour period. Paul is taking his wife, Mia, to their second home for a lovely weekend away. How lucky Mia is – to be married to such a generous, handsome and successful man. You see, this is how Paul describes himself. In reality, Paul is a sociopathic, narcissistic, dickhead.

I don’t like it when Mia is thinking a lot. I just want her busy at home, taking care of the children, the house, keeping her parents happy and sending cash.

I did not like Paul. Actually, I despised him. But that is kinda the point, we are supposed to hate him. He’s really well written! I like how throughout the novel he constantly reminds us of his successes in life, and justifies any failure by passing blame onto other people. He reminded me very much of some people I have worked with in the past. As for all other characters, well, we don’t really get to know them really. The whole novel is told from the POV of Paul, and he felt like somewhat of an unreliable narrator. He is also immensely judgemental about everybody and so really all we get his is warped vision of what other people do.

This is a good psychological thriller, and I like those. But, it did have some faults. It felt as though it dragged on a little at points. I had an issue with the ending. The epilogue ties things up nicely for us, but I oddly didn’t like that. The ending was left a little open and I think I would have preferred that. Making up my own scenarios for what happens after a story ends is all part of the fun, and the epilogue stole that from me. Also, the epilogue was pretty much a tl;dr for the novel I’d just read – the whole thing just didn’t feel necessary. My other gripe was with Mia, and her lack of action leading up to the best day ever. I can’t go into too much without major spoilers, but it’s bullshit.

I do think that Sweetpea did a similar thing to this, but better. Overall, I enjoyed this but it wasn’t mind blowing by any means. If you like thrillers with a well written, creepy, unhinged main character, then give this a go – you’ll probably enjoy it too.

Anyway, I’m off to get my urine tested. Peace and Love.

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  1. Oh gosh, you couldn’t have said it better in regards to Paul.. that car trip to the lakehouse was just THE longest ever for me because of his stupid inner monologue… but I agree- he’s well written and demands hate…
    I also didn’t like the ending that much… maybe because in some cases it’s the reality- psychos just floating through life, leaving a taril of misery behind them… yuk!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love it when you can hate a character simply because they’re so well written 😛 I think a huge part of being a successful writer is being able to make characters into actual people and it seems the author managed to do that 🙂 I can think of so many people who fit Paul’s description! We’ve all met at least one of ‘those’ type of people.
    Great, balanced review! 😀

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