Review: The Dark Unseen by Andrew Jaxson

Title The Dark Unseen
Author Andrew Jaxson
Genre Horror, Fantasy, Contemporary
Format Kindle Edition
Page Length 51
Publication Date 13 Oct 2017
Publisher Self Published
Read Date 17 Oct 2017
Rating 4.483 stars – Recommended

Hud and his friends are camping in the mountains to celebrate finally finishing school. Tonight, he can finally make his move on the girl he’s been in love with for four long years. But something lurks in the darkness, something Hud has encountered before and can’t quite remember. When tragedy strikes the night turns to chaos, and Hud makes a terrifying and world-shattering discovery. As the teens run for their lives, old memories resurface, and an impossible evil will reveal itself.

A wonderful, dark, creepy and twisting horror story perfect for the Halloween season.

I saw Taiwo’s review of this and my interest was piqued. I got a free copy of this from the author’s website. It’s only 51 pages so I won’t go into too much detail about the plot etc, as it would just spoil the story. I can say that it is set during a night of camping for 3 friends that have recently finished school. When something creeps from the woods, everything goes to shit and the characters find themselves stuck in a relentless nightmare.

There is plenty of twists and turns in this short story. Once the horror starts, you really don’t get a moment to stop and breath. There is a good mix of creature horror, psychological horror and fantasy horror throughout. Which may sound a bit odd, but it actually works really well. I think this was intended to give us a flavour of what to expect for the upcoming Unseen Series and to get us excited for The Fire Unseen (book 1, due out in November.) It worked. I am interested. I really want to read The Fire Unseen. This prequel is a great quick read, worth checking out.

Anyway, I’m off to ensure I never go camping ever. Peace and Love.

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  1. I have my own camping horror story so maybe I should read this just to compare notes? 😀 nah, just kidding.. my camping wasn’t that scary… it was just some wild animals sniffing around the tent, nothing paranormal…

    I’ll hang fire until you’ve sometime in the future read and reviewed the 1st book in the series… 😉 Horror is not scray for me… I must be broken or summit… it’s the mindf#cks that freak me out more than the prospect of monsters and serial killers with chainsaws…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m the same with horror. Not much really scares me except psychological horror. Nothing scares me more than the things we don’t see. That, and ladders – I’m very scared of ladders. And water. I don’t like deep water. Oh, and adulting. Adulting scares me a lot. And ghosts. I don’t even believe in ghosts, but paranormal activity had me sleeping with the light on. Oh and… hmm, we could be here a while, lots of things scare me when I think about it. But monsters/slashers don’t really scare me. This didn’t really scare me, but I appreciated what it was doing.


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