Music Monday: Skin&Earth by Lights

Music Monday is a meme created by Drew, The Tattooed Book Geek. Normally, Music Monday is all about choosing a song you like and posting it for others to enjoy. This week, I’mma cheat because I’m such a bad ass and have a whole album.

Also, because I’m super clever, I’ve linked this Music Monday to books (well, a comic). I have chosen Skin&Earth by Lights. Lights is an alt-pop singer songwriter and comic book creator. The first issue of her debut comic book Skin&Earth was released in July of this year. Issue #4 came out last week, issue #5 is due out at the beginning of November and then issue #6 (the final issue) will probably come out in December. I’m really enjoying the comics. I won’t go into too much detail here because I will probably do a collective review of the whole story once issue #6 has been released. In the meantime, if you are interested, here are some links and such:

Issue #1 – Goodreads | Comixology
Issue #2 – Goodreads | Comixology
Issue #3 – Goodreads | Comixology
Issue #4 – Goodreads | Comixology
Issue #5 – Goodreads | Comixology

But on to the music!

The album, Skin&Earth by Lights is a tie-in with the comic book. The album is alt-pop, and can be a little cheesy in parts. But I like a good bit of pop at times. The album isn’t the greatest, but it does have some good tracks on. I enjoyed listening to it whilst cooking and doing some house work.

Here are 4 tracks – I think my favourite is Savage:



New Fears


And just because it’s really good, here is an acoustic version of Savage:

I know this is a little different to my usual music posts, but I did say that I have an eclectic taste in music and I intend to show this by posting different genres on MM. I hope you enjoyed this weeks. Let me know if you did, and if you will be checking out the comics.

Until next time, be the best you, Peace and Love.


  1. Never heard about this artist before so I am glad you introduced her because a) I like Savage a lot! and b) I think I have a blinding girl crush now! whooh!

    Damit, the comics, I always want to read more but whenever I find myself in front of a decision what to get, nothing truly grabs me!
    My first graphic novel was Groot (after the movie of course, who doesn’t love Groot?!) and it was brilliant… then I got one of the Deadpool ones (because who doesn’t love Deadpool?!) and it wasn’t as great… but… I know there’s some really good ones out there and I’m always hesitant to commit… scaredy cat, me!

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    1. I think I’m addicted to the album Liz! I’ve listened to it at least 90000000000000000000000 times this hour alone (shhh, don’t do the math on that). I can totally see how you can have a girl crush on Lights. She’s a gorgeous, bad ass woman with so much creative talent. Ugh, I hate her (I secretly LOVE her).

      Getting into comics can be massively overwhelming to start with, but with like any reading, it’s just about finding what it is you do and don’t like with them. I first started with Scott Snyder’s Batman. I loved it because it was so dark and totally not like anything I expected from Batman (it’s very different from anything in the movies/TV shows). I then fell out of love with Superhero comics, they just ain’t really my thing (although I did LOVE Old Man Logan), so I now tend to read indie comics. Comixology is really good to get into comics – you can get a lot of free samples to test your tastes. I think I downloaded about 200 free samples to start with. XD


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